Cabins available on long-haul flights with Air France

Air France provides three levels of travel classes: business class, premium economy class, and economy class on each of its long-haul flights.

Air France integrates French culture into all of its aircraft while providing its clients with an unparalleled experience that mixes enjoyment, elegance, and leisure. Considering that, have a look at the cabin classes that Air France Airlines provides on its long-haul flights and the features you can expect as a passenger.

Air France provides three levels of travel classes: business class, premium economy class, and economy class on each of its long-haul flights. Apart from these, the airline has the fourth travel class, La Premiere, offered only on select Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

La Première d’ Air France
The Air France experience, called “France in the Air”, begins soon after you arrive at the airport, particularly if you are traveling in what many consider to be “the best first-class cabin” in the world.

Air France has La Premiere as the first-class travel service on select Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The airline begins with a personalized service by having a premium vehicle drive you from your home or hotel to the airport comfortably. 

On arrival, you are greeted at a particular terminal. You will find a concierge to handle your baggage and check you in. Meanwhile, you get enough time to relax in the La Première lounge. When it’s time for boarding, you will be fast-tracked through security and chauffeured in a luxury vehicle to the airplane.

When you board the Air France flight, the La Premiere crew will greet you and assist you all through your journey. The unique La Premiere class with four suites is luxury personified. The opulent cabin has each detail in your private space carefully crafted for your pleasure. You can enjoy having delicious cuisines and relax in your seat, which can be transformed into a 6.5 feet bed. 

Air France has only the La Premiere class on a few routes since the A380 aircraft’s retirement in 2020, but there has been speculation about introducing the class into the airline’s A350s.

Business class on Air France flights
Air France’s 777-300ERs have 58 business class lie-flat seats with a 1-2-1 arrangement in a row.

The business class cabins have a large moveable section, as well as a dedicated side shelf incorporated into a seat. You can find enough space for personal belongings and charging stations for your mobile gadgets. As for entertainment, there is a touchscreen 16-inch HD offering on-demand programs.

Premium economy on Air France
On Air France, the premium economy cabin has 28 reclining seats configured in a 2-4-2 layout. The seats, which are 19 inches wide, are cushioned and have big leather armrests. They feature a 38-inch seat pitch. When compared to the economy class, the seats are wider by two inches wider and offer six inches more legroom. In the premium economy class, you can enjoy watching an array of programs on a 13.3-inch HD screen.

Economy class Air France
The economy class in Air France has 206 seats that are 17 inches wide and 32 inches long. The chairs are set in a 3-4-3 pattern. Further, passengers can enjoy watching their favorite programs on an HD touch screen with 12 language options and a port for charging their tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. You can expect the following services when flying in an economy cabin:

You can take one bag carrying up to 50.7 pounds (23 kilograms) for free as an economy class (save for the Light price) passenger on Air France transcontinental flights. Remember that if you book a light fare, the baggage allowance is not included in the booking but added as an add-on 30 hours before departure. You may also carry one baggage bag and one personal item with you. 

Before serving food, economy travelers will have a beverage or a glass of Champagne. Then you can select one of two meals or dinner alternatives. Depending on the flight, if it is long-haul, you may be offered a hot lunch and, afterward, a snack.

When flying to an international destination by Air France, you can choose between premium economy and economy tickets. If you travel in premium economy, you can carry two checked baggage, two pieces of hand luggage, and a bag, with an additional personal item. 

In addition, you receive 40% extra legroom, an electrical socket, noise-canceling headphones, and a customizable reading lamp. For ultimate luxury, you can choose La Premiere de Air France class. 

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